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The common denominators why people like our beef is taste and health. Often, people start eating Triple Creek’s Lean Beef because it is low in fat and tastes so good. But when they read our label, which states "Cattle Raised Without Antibiotics. No Growth Hormones Added," they want to know more, and wonder how Triple Creek’s differs from other products labeled "All Natural."

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Be An Informed Consumer
Simply put, the USDA allows the "all natural" label to be put on meat which is "minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients." This means that nothing has been added to the beef after processing, such as carrageenan, MSG or sodium phosphate. Most commercial beef and chicken sold raw in the grocery store qualifies for this label.

Of course, Triple Creek’s Lean Beef meets this definition of "all natural" - but we also raise our cattle on natural grains and grasses, without antibiotics or growth hormones added. When you see on our label the statement "Cattle raised without antibiotics. No growth hormones added," you know that Triple Creek’s Lean Beef meets the strict guidelines of a USDA-approved program that monitors what our cattle are fed or administered.

When we say our beef is "all natural," we mean that it's all natural, all the way through.

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Home Grown

Triple Creek Natural Lean Beef comes from our own home grown steer calves which we have raised from our own Sim-Angus herd in Greeley, Colorado. We do NOT buy calves to feed.  We are a family operation and all beef is Free Range fed in grass pastures on the farm.  We grow our own hay and use no herbicides on our hay or pastures.

Our beef is ALL NATURAL, which means we give our cattle no hormones, insecticides, vaccines or antibiotics. All of our beef is dry aged a minimum of 21 days to ensure superior marbling, the richest flavor, and unsurpassed tenderness. These steaks exceed USDA standards, and are the most tender and the most flavorful cuts you'll find anywhere. Comparable to those served in the finest steakhouses of the world!

All our beef will grade USDA Choice or Prime.  We achieve this by careful herd sire and heifer replacement selection. We utilize ultrasound data for marbling and rib eye measurements as well as Shear Force testing for tenderness when selecting bulls and females to use in our herd. 

We don’t aim to be the biggest beef company in the country, just the best. We have perfected our techniques and are now proud to offer you the best-tasting, most tender beef you’ve ever eaten. We look forward to being able to add you to our list of hundreds of satisfied customers.

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Quarter of Beef

For only $3.25 per pound on the hanging weight. (+ processing charges), you'll get approximately 200 pounds of beef and you decide how your 1/4 beef is processed (steak thickness, roast sizes, hamburger patties, package sizes, etc.) These quarters are available on a limited basis so don’t wait, order now! A $250 deposit (nonrefundable) holds your 1/4 beef and the balance will be due prior to shipping or pick-up. We do offer shipping.  Customer pays actual shipping charges. (approx. $100)




Balance + shipping & handling due prior to shipping.

Packing & Shipping
Just like fine wine needs careful handling and care throughout its development, so too does top quality beef. We take our responsibility of packing & shipping your purchase seriously. We ship our beef in reusable foam containers with corrugated box and use plenty of dry ice to keep your beef frozen in transit.

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Grant & Roxane Moen
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